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"Your TRUSTED Environmental Solutions Partner"


Pinnacle Consultants, LLC is committed to providing multi-disciplined environmental and safety consulting services to our myriad of clients in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.  Our Commitment to success is centered around establishing quality relationships, gaining your trust, conducting our business honestly and setting the highest standards of professional integrity.  We strive to be recognized as a leader within our fields of discipline by consistently exceeding our client's expectations in the areas of technical excellence, service and cost effectiveness.


Pinnacle Consultants, LLC is a full service environmental consulting company with a licensed and accredited asbestos and fungal spore laboratory.  Our professional staff is licensed in various disciplines including asbestos, lead-based paint and clandestine drug laboratories.  They are trained and certified in indoor air quality investigations, compliance audits and regulatory review.  We maintain professional insurance which exceeds our clients requirements   We serve WV, OH, KY, VA and PA.  For a sample copy of our certificate of insurance please contact our office.


Pinnacle Consultants, LLC clients face issues that are dynamic.  Each is driven by regulations that are seemingly in a constant state of change.  Through our strong working relationships with regulatory agencies and technical associations, we are able to keep abreast of new technologies and provide new perspectives on protecting our client's interests and minimizing their liability.  Our management team consists of environmental professionals who offer a wide range of unique capabilities and experience.

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