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ASBESTOS - Once called "The Miracle Fiber", asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is used it's properties:  fireproof, chemical resistance, electrical resistance, and strength.  It has been put into over 3,000 commercial products including almost every type of building material(floor tile, vinyl sheet flooring, ceiling tile, etc.), friction products (brakes, clutches), and almost anything else that isn't wood, metal or glass.  

Pinnacle Consultants can help you identify products which contain asbestos prior to disturbance during renovation or demolition projects.  We can develop project bid documents and oversee your project to ensure the material is properly removed without contamination to other areas of your house or facility.  Give us a call to see how we can help you manage your asbestos project.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY - Investigating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be a very complicated matter.  IAQ studies may begin with the interview of those individuals in the area where the complaints or adverse health effects are occurring.  Not only should samples be taken to check for elevated levels of compounds in the air, but the HVAC system may need to be investigated.   Here are five (5) quick ways to improve your indoor air quality;

  1. Keep your floor fresh.

  2. Keep the humidity level between 30%-50% (dust mites and mold love moisture).

  3. Make your home a smoke free area.

  4. Check for radon.

  5. Smell good naturally (Minimize the use of chemicals).


If you think you have an IAQ problem give us a call and let our professional staff evaluate your air quality. 



ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS- Today's real estate transactions include more than mere inspections of the physical property.  More often than not, potential buyers are investing in an environmental audit or site assessment before making any purchase.

In performing an ESA, Pinnacle investigates the property and surrounding area to determine if the site and/or structure has been contaminated with any toxic or hazardous materials.  We also determine if the facility is in compliance with current regulations.  Site assessments are accomplished in three (3) progressive phases:  Phase I (Preliminary Environmental Review), Phase II (Remedial Investigation) and Phase III (Corrective Action).


LEAD -BASED PAINT MANAGEMENT- It has been estimated that over half of all buildings constructed in the US before 1978 contain lead paint.  Children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, there is concern for workers who are performing the renovations as well as to the residents of the renovated facility.

We have a staff of certified and licensed Lead-based Paint Inspectors/Risk Assessors who know how and when to use proper sampling procedures including, paint chips, dust wipes, water sampling, along with the use of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology for the detection of lead in coated surfaces.  Our staff understands the requirements of OSHA, EPA and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and can conduct air monitoring for abatement activities as were as prepare abatement designs.

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