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Before you schedule to attend through Live ZOOM Training, please read the requirements below. 

If you are unable to follow any of the requirements, you will need to register to attend in person.




EPA certified asbestos classes have a one-year certification with a one-year grace period. If you fail to take the refresher class by the expiration date you cannot perform the AHERA job duties until you take a refresher class. If you go longer than one year past your expiration date without taking a refresher class, you are required to retake the initial certification class.

 If you did not take your last course from Pinnacle, please provide in advance a copy of your last certificate.

All courses require a minimum of 4 attendees or may be cancelled.
You will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if this should occur. Thank you. 

You can now schedule courses up to July 2023, additional courses will be added at a later date. 

Please scroll below for the ASBESTOS COURSES and dates that we are offering at this time.